No gym, not home, not normalcy.

I’ve fallen off of the wagon a bit, I’ve managed to stay vegan, except for some MAYBE egg noodles that were put into a soup that someone lovingly made for me.

I mean, next time, I’ll make sure and ask them to use different noodles, but if they were already made, I didn’t know what the sense in wasting it was.  I feel like every time I accidentally eat non-vegan I should donate a 20 spot to farm sanctuary to alleviate any rumblings of guilt?


Anyway, I’m working on getting a Y membership on the cheap so that I can start going to the gym again.  I noticed that when I went I didn’t lose weight, but I didn’t feel so terribly drowsy from my hypothyroid.

I also need to get back on track with trying to run.  If I could run, I could have a simple way to exercise in a safe neighborhood away from home.  Unless of course whoever I’m staying with wants to go for a run with me and runs all fast and shit.  Fuck that.

I think I may have gotten kicked out of school, but I’m 23 fucking years old, it’s my problem so I’ll just figure it out.  I’ll maybe transfer to a different school for a semester and work on trying to get back in.  EMU would be a nice change, of course this would just make my debts sky rocket, but Whatever.